Black Oak Ridge was a place for the breeze

Then innocence  left Tennessee

The wind sealed it's lips so now when it blows

There's a fence in the forrest and there's mercury in the snow

My love took a job at guard tower North

Waits on the sun and she walks back and forth

you c...

Joe Wright said, “Marty you oughta do that White Sport Coat.” Marty shook his head,

“I ain’t a kid, if you ain’t noticed your boss is getting a little long in the tooth.” Joe countered, “Marty, nobody watches a record. It’s like magic man. Look, you want girls in the se...

Saw a dead bird in the spring

said that bird won't have to sing

through a long hot summer

saw a dead bird in the fall

said that bird won't coo and call

through a long cold winter

saw a dead bird in the afternoon

said that bird won't crow and croon

through a long dark night

“Colombia Nashville.” “Hello? Yeah this is Marty, Marty Robbins and I need Mr. Tom to give me a call back.” “Well I’ll certainly tell him.”

Well I called yesterday and he hasn’t returned my call yet. I have a few things to discuss with him.”

“Yes, sir Mr. Robbins I’ll le...

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