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Last summer I came across Darktown by Thomas Mullen. This book reminded me of all the reasons why crime novels move me. It had Ellroy vibes. It had classic noir swagger. It was set in the past in a way that illustrated history and made it come alive. The cover scr...

Nashville crime writer Adam Hill interviews Nashville writer and historian Brian Allison about his writing process.

This book reminded me of two pieces of literature. "My Side of the Mountain" by Jean Craighead George mixed with "After Dark, My Sweet" by Jim Thompson. Let me start with the Thompson part. The narrator is an escaped convict named David "Tool" Roney. Not a "tool" as in...

For Black Friday I'm going to suggest a book to you. Darktown is one of the best Noir-Crime Novels I've read in some time. What really jazzed me was that I could tell the author spent a-lot of time in old news papers, archives, and libraries. On his twitter page Thomas...

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