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I do the intro thing every week because I was told it’s a good idea. Adam Hill is me, I used to write songs. I still could but if you ain’t buyin' I ain’t drinkin'. I wrote a novel called Old Timer’s Blues. Same deal with that. I started another book but if no one want...

Hey Hip Readers, Max Allan Collins has a new book, Quarry's Climax out today from Hard Case Crime and I was fortunate enough to interview him. He's a titan in the crime fiction genre. He wrote the comic book that became Road to Perdition. He worked with Mickey Spi...

The Search Artist Ep 6

As you can probably tell I work in Publishing. So once or so a week I get Publisher's Weekly newsletter to my inbox to stay up on the game. You could sign up for it too, if you'd like. I'm sure you can work in any job and get the lowdown on the bo...

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