Hey, it’s Adam Hill. If you’ve not already done so check out my book Old Timer’s Blues set in Nashville in 1973. It’s a time trip. I did all the research, all you gotta do is buy the ticket.

Old Timer’s Blues is about Stringbean, the banjo playing Grand Ole Opry Star, w...

Hey, I’m Adam Hill. I wrote a book called Old Timer’s Blues. It’s based on the Stringbean murder that happened in 1973 up in Ridgetop. But really, it’s about Nashville and change. It’s about tradition and loss.

Tonight I’m writing you off of West End at Dose. The old Do...

I wrote a book called Old Timer’s Blues. It’s set in Nashville, Tennessee back in the 1970’s. Nashville is the town I’ve called home for 19 years. If you were a kid in the south in the 70’s — 80’s and halfway decent at the guitar everyone told you, “Go to Nashville.”


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