Leona Barnett

Lo, my name is Leona Barnett

I snap my fingers and it's like a castanet

My man drove a coal car and the coal car wrecked

So now I go working in the mines

There ain't no other work

so I hear told

that cruel black dust turns right into gold

for those suitcase men that do control

so maybe i'll get a little for my time

all the women say don't look in my eyes

I carry death like a cold fox bite

I am as hard as the railroad spike

that hold down this track i travel on

high in the day and still no sun

the fog it lingers like smoke from a gun

down in the hole it don't matter to no one

like anyone here i'm just waiting around to die

I don't know who I trouble more

The mean old devil or the good old Lord.

(This lyric appeared in the New York Times and was graciously covered by the artist Chelle Rose)


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