Mary Ford

Mary Ford and the TV premier of the OPRY ABC–October, 15, 1955

Mary sat smoking and strumming her Red SG, unplugged from its amp. It was red as an apple and black as patent leather high heels. She tapped her cigarette on the Andrew Jackson Hotel ashtray. She smiled at a bird sitting on the window sill. Her lipstick was red too. Her Mary Ford lips made a noise when she smiled. She was playing a hymn that she remembered from the radio show she was on years ago. This was before Lester. Everything was before Lester. Her mad scientist man. He built the first electric guitar in a dead heat with Leo Fender and Rickenbacker.

Then he went mad scientist again. He took her voice and took her voice. He built a cathedral of her voice. He rose to the stars with her voice, he swooped through the air like he could fly. Stacks and layers of Mary Ford sounded like the middle America Apple Pie Thank You M’am kiss in your ear to end it all. Nuclear Bombs and Highschool proms.

She liked Nashville. It was sweet but she liked LA better. Something felt possible in LA. She and Les were here in Nashville to film the ABC Television Premiere of The Grand Ole Opry. She wasn’t even sure they were country. They loved all the songs though.

There was a bit of jazz in their playing. Maybe it was the Tin Pan Alley and the Showtunes that settled into the well and became pop songs. Mary didn’t want to be a hillbilly or an Okie or a Cracker. Nothing like that. She liked crisp dresses that made her feel like Doris Day. She wanted to be a pop star. Les sat there picking away. She lit another cigarette and stared out the window.

"I had a miscarriage late last year." she said to herself. She leaned her SG forward and looked

at her belly,


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