Darktown-Thomas Mullen-Review

For Black Friday I'm going to suggest a book to you. Darktown is one of the best Noir-Crime Novels I've read in some time. What really jazzed me was that I could tell the author spent a-lot of time in old news papers, archives, and libraries. On his twitter page Thomas refers to himself as a professional time traveler. This approach holds a special place for me because this is how I culled together the fabric for my own book, tentatively titled "Old Timer's Blues."

In broad strokes, Darktown is about the Atlanta Police Departments first 8 African American Police Officers. Specifically, it follows the adventure of two officers and their unlikely ally in a white officer through a murder investigation. As with any great noir it takes you through the backdoors and alleys where the truth hides waiting to be punched out of somebody or punched out of you. The writing is crisp, not terse, poetic but not overdone. It's right on.

I'm always going to suggest you buy from your local book store. If you're in Nashville, TN I'd suggest


If not, then use that dome of yours and do some detective work.

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