Adam Hill's 10 (11) tips for writers

This blog entry I’ll take advantage of the online trend of lists. I am Adam Hill, the author of one rad book called Old Timer’s Blues and proprietor of the rock n roll band called The Sunday Best. I’ve written a lot of stuff in my life. Hundreds of songs, multiple blogs and one novel. Here you go those that would follow in the quest to write.

  1. Always take the pens and notepads at a hotel. You paid for them and they will give back to you.

  2. Go places and listen. Avoid the hipster coffee shops. Eat in places that are family run off the beaten path. Waffle House breakfast will get your story moving. Cab drivers on break have stories. Cops have stories. Waitresses have stories. You have to listen to get dialogue.

  3. Take a walk. Get up and move. Walk down the street. Go around the block and work on that line. Say it over and over till you trip on the fix.

  4. Listen to music unlike the music you make. I’m not sure how this works with writing but this is my guess. I write crime novels, I read crime novels. But I mix it up with Cookbooks, History and the Bible. If you are in a punk band listen to Sinatra.

  5. Don’t write every idea down. Sometimes you have to leave it in the well so the water level builds up.

  6. Write by hand until you get stuck. Then type until you get stuck. Switch up as necessary.

  7. If it sounds rockin on an acoustic it’s going to be fine on the electric. Don’t depend on distortion.

  8. Explain the idea to someone else. You learn a lot about something when you try to teach it. It’ll come to you. Like any interrogation.

  9. Attack every day. Don’t wait for it. Hunt it down and kill it.

  10. Go for a drive. As soon as you’d aren’t free to write ideas come running so you are left typing with one hand at red lights or writing on a receipt on your dashboard. Same with taking a shower.

  11. Songs that just come to you are either incredible, which is very rare, or awful, which is very common. Most of the time the work is hard and it’s in pieces. You aren’t writing a book, it’s a sentence at a time endeavor.

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